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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

Posted by Nancy Anderson on



1. I love Sprinkles gluten-free cupcakes.

Most people think I eat nothing but veggies and protein all day, everyday, and that I never treat myself. Not true! Unless I am trying to lose weight post-baby, I follow my lifestyle plan, "the Bible diet," for about 80% of what I eat. But, for the other 20% of my diet (or about 200 calories per day), I stray! This freedom in my diet keeps me sane and focused. Because of this flexibility I am able to maintain a lean and healthy physique without ever feeling deprived. 

2. I'm a spiritual gangster.

Mediums, psychics, spirits, haunted houses, past lives, crystals- you name it, I’m into it. I see a psychic medium just about every quarter. She is amazing and has yet to be wrong about anything in my life. I am hooked! Some people may not believe mediums are "real" and that’s fine- I firmly believe that they are. Believing in spiritual things is fun for me; it keeps me motivated and helps me stay focused on my goals.  

3.  I don't squat.

Yup- doesn’t really happen. Truthfully, I haven’t squatted heavy for years. Sure I will do some squats here and there, but honestly, squats don’t feel good on my body. I don’t feel like they engage anything but my hip flexors, back and quads- even though even leaders in the industry have assessed my form and confirmed that I am on point. In the strength-training world, we know that the same movement for one person can feel and recruit differently from person to person. It partially depends on where people carry tension in their bodies and anatomy, making certain movements more or less beneficial for their specific body. The way I earned and maintain my “bubble butt” is through a mix of light, medium and heavy deadlift variations, hips thrusts, lunges and band work. Yes, it works and yes there is research that supports this!

4. I think I’ve already met my future children.

I had a dream 3-4 years ago that I had three kids (oldest: boy, middle: boy and youngest: girl). They all walked up to me and stood in front of me side by side and introduced themselves. They said they were my children. This "dream" felt so real, I have been convinced ever since that they truly were my kids visiting me from the other side. A year after this dream I had my first son. Two years after that I am pregnant with my second son. I believe if I choose to have a third it will be the little girl. 

5. I got my undergrad in fashion merchandising.

Yes, I don’t know what I was thinking. Looking back, it feels so far from my calling. I realized before I even finished earning my degree that I didn’t want to do anything in this field. Soon after graduating I quickly began plotting going back for my master’s degree. That’s when I decided to focus on what I realized I was actually passionate about- exercise science. 

6.  My calves and quads used to be the same size. 

I know- gross.  I had to work for years in the gym to get muscle mass on my body.  Naturally my legs are bean poles- like all the way from top to bottom and I naturally store fat in my lower back/waist.  It's extremely hard for me to put mass on my legs and much easier for me to put it on my upper body.  I've worked hard to get them where they are (they are still too small in my opinion). So when I tell my clients it doesn't come easy for anyone, including me- I mean it :) 

7. I told my husband on our first date I was going to marry him. 

This was a few drinks in, of course! He had been one of my clients for a year and I was undeniably attracted to him- almost magnetic.  When we finally went on a “date” one year later -AKA our company Christmas party- I spilled the beans and told him, “Max, I am going to marry you someday.” He told me I was “nuts.” I shrugged and said something like, “okay, we’ll see.” And now 5 1/2 years later we are married and pregnant with baby #2. Ha!

8. I don't believe that sex on the first date will ruin any relationship potential.

See #7! It worked out for me- and I’m sure lots of other couples too! They just don’t publicly admit it  :P 

9. I am obsessed with titanic and RMS ships from the early 1900's.

I am desperate to go on the re-creation of Titanic. I don’t know why I feel this way. I visited the Queen Mary a couple years back and it is just so incredibly fascinating to me. If I had more time I would nerd out on them way more often. 

10. I have one tattoo and you’d never know the meaning behind it unless you read this.

Unfortunately, when I was barely twenty years old my father took his own life. He had journals and letters that I found afterwards and in one of the entries he talks about his pride for me. In this entry he notes the accomplishments I achieved so far in my life, both past and present. My father went on to talk about how proud I seemed to be of myself for achieving my goals. He then inscribed three words: “So am I.”  This specific entry, these specific words, really hit home for me. After all, children always want to make their parents proud. I knew my mom was still able to tell me anytime that she was proud. He couldn't anymore. I never wanted to forget how good it felt to hear him say how proud he was of me; not because it was a compliment, but because of how motivating it was for me; how much it drove me to continue to do more, work harder, dream bigger.  I took the journal to a tattoo artist and had him tattoo my father’s exact handwriting from the journal on my wrist, facing me, so anytime I was hitting major milestones in life, working hard, struggling, achieving, etc., I could always look down and be reminded of this. 


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