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I Heart Mitochondria: A Look At Mitochondrial Dysfunction

Posted by Nancy Anderson on

a look at mitochondrial dysfunction

I Heart Mitochondria

Heard of mitochondria?

You may remember them from grade school biology class. I fondly recall them as “the powerhouse of the cell.”

Yeah, you remember these guys: those little organelles inside all your cell that convert food and oxygen into cellular fuel?

Well, turns out these little guys are absolute CHAMPIONS for your well-being, and when working properly can really optimize your health.

On the other hand, when your mitochondria aren’t working properly, you’ll probably feel it.

Understanding Mitochondrial Dysfunction

Check this for a laundry list:

Low energy. Chronic pain. Weakness. Mental fogginess. Memory loss. Impaired metabolism. Weakened immunity. Vision and hearing problems. Accelerated rate of aging. Increased risk of obesity, liver disease, heart disease, and more (take your pick).

These and other issues are associated with mitochondrial dysfunction.

What’s messing up your mitochondria in the first place? It’s generally a hodge podge of lifestyle and environmental factors, like toxic exposure, chronic stress, and junk food.

Now, in order to deal with these kinds of stressors, your body ends up producing chemically unstable metabolic by-products called free radicals. And like rust on a bike, free radicals “oxidize” your cells (and the mitochondria inside them), which essentially damages them and accelerates their aging process.

So, how to fight free radicals, restore mitochondrial health, and slow aging?

  • Learn what healthy eating ACTUALLY looks like.
  • Follow a sustainable, challenging, safe, and evidence-backed workout program.
  • Most importantly, start seeing your healthy life choices as things you’re doing not “just” for the benefit of your aesthetics or performance, but also for the sake of your cellular and mitochondrial health, too.

Because the truth is, your body doesn’t have to start “breaking down” in your 40s, 50s, and 60s. We can control and influence WAY more of the aging process by upgrading what we do in our daily routines. Enhance your daily routine with Nancy Anderson Fit’s Bible Diet, a lifestyle diet that compliments your body, health, immune system, energy levels, sleep cycles, and get you L-E-A-N.


Resource: https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2016/01/24/how-mitochondria-influences-health.aspx

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