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No Gym Pregnancy Safe Ab Exercises

Posted by Nancy Anderson on

I get lots of requests for ab workouts for pregnancy.  Here are some basic yet effective moves that are safe for all trimesters.

Directions: Try these moves completing 45 seconds of each move (on each side) then 15 seconds to transition to the next move (or to the opposite side).  Take breathers when you need to and try to go through this circuit 2-3 times.  

Tip: If at any time you see "coning" in your abs, refocus on core engagement and activation.  If you are unable to stop "coning" during the exercise, please take the modifications, slow down, or go lighter in weights.  Our goal is to help prevent ab separation and if you are coning we are promoting it.  

If you have any questions please let me know!  Stay tuned for more workouts and workout videos coming soon!  Enjoy! -Nancy 


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