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Stop Overtraining!

Posted by Nancy Anderson on

More is not more when it comes to working out.  I see SO many people (mostly women) that are seriously overtraining and either not losing any weight or worse, gaining MORE unwanted weight. If this is you, we need to take a step back and restructure your workout program so you can get back to seeing results. 

I've cut women's workouts in half so many times and re-arranged their workout strategy and they will go on to drop 10, even 20 lbs. Yes, by working out LESS. Wondering if you're one of those people who are doing too much?

Here are some signs you are overtraining: 

1. You're working out more than 5 hours a week, every week. 

2. You are working out more then 5 hours a week and feel run down.

3. Your working out and eating right & have weight to lose, but you aren't losing weight.

4. Your resting heart rate is high

5. You have muscle soreness for days (more than 72 hours) post workout.

6. Issues sleeping or staying a sleep.

7. Frequently getting sick: colds, flu and so on.

8. Increased injury; straining muscle or having aches and pains more often 

Said yes to one or more of the above? You might need to revamp your workout schedule and train smarter.

The below workout suggestions are MY opinion as a professional trainer and nutrition specialist. I've been doing this for a decade and seen success with thousands of my clients who follow my advice.  I'm not attacking any workout- this is just what I recommend to my clients. 

1. HIIT TRAINING: If you are ONLY doing high intensity interval training, then I would go balls out in every single workout and ONLY workout 4 hours a week. This includes running sprints & other hiit cardio and routines. Space these workouts out, stretch and rest in-between them. 

2. STRENGTH TRAINING: Love it. You should be doing this. You could probably do 3-4 heavy days then 1-2 day of volume work or HIIT training and it would be a solid program at 4-5 hours a week.  This is what I do. I train hard AF and go 100% but only workout 4 hours a week (strength and HIIT).  This is given me THE best results I've ever had both physique and performance speaking. 

3. YOGA & PILATES (and similar workouts): This can be done 5 hours a week back to back days- its fine. I think however you need to mix it up if you want continue results. See above, mix in 1 and /or 2. 

4. SPIN: Ditch it or implement 1-2 times a week only (and this takes over your cardio). Strength training for the rest of your weekly sessions to total 5 hours of activity tops for the week. I know some of you love spin- I'm sorry. I am just being honest. I have seen this OVER and OVER again. You either get skinny fat or bulk up/have weight loss resistance when spinning non stop, plus you end up being tight AF. You have to mix other things in to have a well balanced program. 

5. DISTANCE RUNNING: This is hard AF on your body and its easy to overtrain by doing this. You gotta be smart and very well nourished to pull this off.  I have ran marathons- I get it, the runners high is a real thing, but just be smart- don't try to do 10 races in a year. Always continue to strength train!

In my opinion a perfect program is #2.  This is what I put most of my clients on and they THRIVE on a program like this. 

Let my clients speak for themselves: I have had so many of my clients over the years revamp their workout schedules and time spent in the gym and it has brought them amazing results.  

Check out what Lindsey from Florida has to say about taking my advice and cutting back and restructuring her program:

"I’m on week 3 of NOT overtraining and bibling!  I’m sticking to your rule of 4-5 hours a week of exercise and making my workouts predominantly HIIT. I’m tracking my heart rate for the first time ever and am loving it.  I’m also working the Bible Diet as well, thank God this week is finally a normal week and the holidays are over! My body has really taken to the Carb Cycling, I am seeing change! 

Holy Moly…why have I not listened to my body in the past and stopped the overtraining madness?!  First of all, by not working out like a psycho twice a day I have a lot more time on my hands! Second, I’m starting to see a shift in my body composition. Today for the first time in a LONG time I felt like my lower abdominals looked different. 
I am beyond happy with your advice.  My body is happier, my mind is happier….my husband is happier.  I’m so excited to stay on track and send you my progress photos in a few months. 
THANK YOU from the bottom of my ex-overtraining heart.  I feel free from that hamster wheel and it is amazing."

For more information on my nutritional or workout programs email me at nancyandersonfit@gmail.com or check out the shop tab above! - N. Anderson 


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