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Lactation Course and Coaching
Lactation Course and Coaching
Lactation Course and Coaching
Lactation Course and Coaching
Lactation Course and Coaching Lactation Course and Coaching Lactation Course and Coaching

Lactation Course and Coaching


  • Our Lactation course and coaching is here to support you feeding your baby however you choose to do so! Whether you are exclusively breastfeeding or pumping or adding in formula, we are here to give you the tools and resources needed to do so!
    Our IBCLC’s can help you navigate breast and baby troubleshooting issues like nipple pain, nursing strikes, latching and positioning! Through our video consultations our coaches can assess your baby’s latch, help you find the most comfortable position for breastfeeding as well as help answer any other questions you have! 
    How it works
    Step 1 - Connect with your Lactation consultant in the Welcome Week to introduce yourself! 
    Here is where your coach will help you navigate the most important parts of this course for YOUR NEEDS! 
    Step 2 - Review the “How To Series”! This is where all of the demonstration videos live! These can be used for immediate needs or needs that may arise as you continue with your baby feeding journey! If you need a latch assessment or position assessment, those will happen here as well through video coaching!
    Step 3 - Review any other chapters of interest or areas recommended by your lactation consultant based on your needs or concerns. And of course, continue to reach out to our consultants as you navigate the course and your feeding journey. 
    Table of Contents
    • Welcome Week
    • How to Series
      • Breastfeeding 201 - Baby Positioning
      • Breastfeeding 202 - Latching 
      • Breastfeeding 203 - Hand Expression
    • Troubleshooting (Breast)
      • Nipple Pain
      • Engorgement
      • Clogged Ducts
      • Supply Troubleshooting
      • Nipple Shield
      • Haakaa Breast Pump
      • Ask A Coach
    • Troubleshooting (Baby)
      • Introducing a Bottle
      • Oral Restriction
      • Thrush
      • Introducing Solids
      • Biting
      • Nursing Strike
      • Weaning
      • Ask A Coach
    • What to Expect Series
      • Breastfeeding 101 - The Science
      • Breastfeeding 102 - The Basics
      • Breastfeeding 103 - The Lifestyle
    • Pumping 101 - Basics
      • Reasons you may need to pump
      • Types of Pumps
      • Pump parts
      • Flange Fit
      • How to use your pump
      • +5 more chapters
    • Formula 101 - Your Options
    • Special Considerations
    • More Resources 


    • Please note: Course & coaching access is via our Birth Recovery Center  monthly subscription ($50/month).  
    • The course is accessed entirely online, and requires web access.
    • This program is non-refundable, however you can cancel your subscription at anytime so that it does not renew the following month.  All prices are in USD$.
    • The course is only offered in English and does not have captions/subtitles.
    Please note this product is sold by Nancy Anderson Fit and fulfilled by The Birth Recovery Center!
    For any questions regarding our plans or you purchase please email us at support@nancyandersonfit.zendesk.com