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30 Day Slim Down Challenge Testimonials

“The results are real. The support is real. If you’re on the fence, just take the plunge, you won’t be sorry. This program is incredibly effective, and Nancy is absolutely wonderful. First, THE RESULTS ARE REAL!!! After 30 days I lost 8 lbs and 4.5" overall. My pants are loose, my clothes fit better, and I just feel better about myself. Beyond the physical, the mental results are also very apparent. I no longer need coffee in the afternoon, I'm sleeping better, I have more energy throughout the day, and even my attitude has improved. I’m a crazy-busy, full time working mom/wife to a toddler and a husband (raise your hand if you can relate!). My “free time” to prep food and/or workout only exists in the hours before 5am or after 9pm…if I can do this, so can you!! Second, I don't know how Nancy does it - she's SUCH a rock star and role model. Not only does she respond to e-mails and social media messages, but she checks in and makes sure everyone is on track. She is incredibly accessible/approachable, very knowledgeable and so so so supportive! I really can’t say enough good things about her or this program that she has ingeniously created. Finally, the "carb-flu" and "sugar withdrawal" the first week or so is also real. This wasn’t even on my radar as a potential issue, but those first 7 days were a bit of a roller coaster. Stick with the program and I promise you’ll come out feeling a million times better on the other side…the negative symptoms are only temporary!”

“Nancy is AWESOME! She is very passionate about health and fitness, and it shows in every message, video and email. The 30-Day Slim Down works. If you stick to it you will see results. I only lost a few pounds, but friends and family have all asked me what I'm doing and to keep it up. I have recommended the plan to everyone I know trying to jump start their weight loss, reset their bodies, and feel better overall.”

“Working with Nancy was incredible. She responded promptly to any questions, was super encouraging and knowledgeable and provided so much good information. The Plan was easy to follow, with delicious and easy recipes that I did not feel deprived by at all. I could totally see myself making this a lifestyle. It was surprising how much I didn’t miss gluten or dairy. I am thinner, stronger, more toned and feel healthier over all. Brain fog and depression gone!!! I feel more energized and have been able to work out harder and longer since I started the plan. I haven’t felt this good in a REALLY long time. Thank you Nancy for giving me hope!!! After trying so many diets, yo yoing back and forth. With nothing sticking long term and feeling defeated. I finally have found something that works for me, a plan that doesn’t feel like I’m punishing myself but rather loving my body well. I can’t thank you enough!!”

“Such a great way to kick start weight loss. I lost 8lbs on this plan and learned so much about eating healthy. While the terrible cook in me was skeptical, the meals were easy and everything included helped me stay on track! Thanks Nancy!”

“I repeated this program again for the month of February. I have seen huge results not just on the scale (4lbs this month, 11 lbs since January 1) but also I am down at least 2 pants sizes and fitting into jeans I haven't worn in years. It was also an amazing feeling to go try on swimsuits this year for spring break and not hate what I saw in the mirror. I actually did a happy dance in the dressing room :) Overall I lost 12 inches over my body. That is crazy to think about where I was in January. I have learned so much about nutrition and how to fuel my body. I also have the energy to work out 3-4 times a week now. Something I have never been able to do. Thank you Nancy for this program! Im going to keep putting in the hard with all that I have learned.”

“Nancy was super responsive and supportive! I really enjoyed the nutrition lessons and sharing the facts behind the nutrition and how our body works.”

“This plan is amazing and was so much easier to stick to than I had imagined. The well-planned and explained meals as well as learning so much through the community Facebook group, were keys to my success. I felt stuck and embarrassed about my weight for over a year (after having my first child). I wanted to “fix” it, but did not have the correct tools and knowledge as to how to do so. I lost 13 pounds in the first month, and am about to start another round to hopefully lose six more pounds. I am more grateful than words can express!”

“I found the slim down really easy to follow and the guidance was comprehensive - but if I did have any questions, the Facebook group was invaluable. I'd recommend the slimdown to anyone!”

“In the 30 days I definitely changed the foods I eat as well as when. I definitely noticed a difference with belly bloat and stomach issues following GF and DF. I will definitely continue going forward. Nancy was very responsive to questions raised in the FB page - all while relocating her family. I will and have recommended the plan”

“As a new mom, I was worried about postpartum weight loss. The 30 day Slim Down helped me lose the last eight pounds and several inches all while maintaining my milk supply. I can now fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes! The recipes are good, and the meal prep is simple. Nancy and the FB community offer daily support and help keep you motivated and on track. This plan taught me that I can set and accomplish a weight loss goal - I just needed the right plan!”

“I'm blown away by the success I had on this plan. I was very full and not bloated. I felt a drastic change in my mood. I wasn't as irritable and struggled less with anxiety/depression. My energy with 3 kids increased too. Overall amazing experience!”

“I found Nancy and this program via Instagram. I was following her page and saw how she was an active, fit, nutrition-focused, working mom and was drawn to her positive and real personality. Fitness and nutrition have always been a big part of my life; I've enjoyed different workout programs, marathons, classes etc. Nutrition is another great interest of mine but I was feeling that I lacked guidance. Enter the Slim Down. I reached out to Nancy on Instagram and SHE. REPLIED. Not just once, multiple times. I was struck by how enthusiastic and personal her correspondence was and felt like I could put my trust in her program. Once I purchased the program and joined the Facebook community, I was even more excited for the slimdown to start. I grocery shopped, prepped my meals and then hit the ground running. I cannot express how thrilled I am with this program. I am amazed at my results and cannot wait to repeat to continue towards my goals. Nancy was there for us every step of the way. Not to mention, she was moving her family of four...to another state... and there she was, on Instagram and our Facebook group; posting, replying, helping us all. Giving the Slim Down a chance was one of the best things I have done for myself in such a long time. I would recommend it to anyone. Thank you, Nancy. I truly cannot find the words to properly express my gratitude. I look forward to continue working with you and appreciate your time, knowledge, and enthusiasm!”

“For only being 3 weeks in, I feel so much better and am definitely motivated to keep going. Although I wasn't a huge user of the Facebook group, I liked knowing that I had complete access to Nancy for anything that might come up and having her posts to read. The sad thing is that I know for the most part what I should be eating and what doesn't work for my body, but I need a plan laid out for me to follow. I typically get food boredom but this plan was perfect for mixing things up and letting me know exactly what I should be eating and exactly how much. Thank you Nancy for all of your hard work!”

“This program really helped reset the way I ate and set me up with a good foundation for the future. Not to mention losing weight and inches was an added bonus!”

“I love Nancy! She really puts her heart and soul into this plan and she now has a huge grassroots following. Inspiring and motivating. She has the greatest tips and her plan works!!!!”

“This plan was just what I needed to start my post partum weight loss. I was never hungry, I had so much more energy and my breast milk supply never decreased. I am now under my pre-baby #2 weight and now I’m looking to get below pre-baby #1 weight!”

“Nancy is so involved! She answers all your crazy questions and continues to motivate the entire 4 weeks. Love her!”

“I really enjoyed the slim down! For me I need everything pretty simple and spelled out. If I can follow an exact plan I am better to stay on track and see results. I loved the group and hearing feedback from Nancy and others when I needed it. I wasnt just left to guessing on my own. I would recommend this to anyone looking to slim down and have already to most of my girlfriends. I even got my hubby on board a bit since he had to adjust to how I was eating. We have started meal prepping and I plan out our entire week including prepackaging both of our lunches. Thank you for coming up with something that words for all the bread feeding mamas out there.”

“Loved working with Nancy- she was always there responding to any questions and being a breastfeeding mama I love that this plan was also there to support us. I am planning on purchasing her bible diet guide to continue on.”

“After months of being at a stand still with my postpartum weight, this plan was exactly what I needed. Everything was laid out for us, making it so easy to not have to overthink meals. If you didn't like something, swap it out off the cherry picker meal. You literally can not "mess" this meal plan up. I ditched my afternoon caffeine addiction, have been sleeping so much better and have more energy. I also learned more about nutrition and how this plan differs from others (I have been on/off meal plans for a while and this one I feel like finally worked me!) I lost almost 9 pounds and 6 inches overall. I can't wait to continue this lifestyle. Thanks Nancy for your support and coaching!”

“I loved the 30 day slim down! It was so easy to follow and there were also quick meals for those in the go days, making it easy to always stick to the plan. I felt great and when I had questions the Facebook group was a great thing to have! I lost 5lbs after being on a roller coaster of losing weight and gaining it all back, I feel like this plan is easy enough to implement into my lifestyle, setting me up for success! Will definitely be doing this again soon!”

“I really loved the slim down. I just feel like it favored women and especially moms. As a guy, I felt a little alone throughout the whole thing. Also, my wife did better than me and normally I lose weight much fast than her. All in all, it was great and I’d recommend. Thanks!”

“Wow, Nancy! What an incredible program you have put together! I decided to do the Slim Down when I finally stopped breastfeeding my daughter (I had no idea it was BF friendly!) and could not loose those last 5 lbs that everyone claims "fall off" when you breastfeed - not so! Even when I was finished, they still would not budge. My goal for the program was to get back to pre-pregnancy weight, and I not only reached by exceed that losing almost 10 lbs total! Aside from the weight loss, (which I'm of course thrilled about) I feel so. much. better! Prior to the Slim Down I ate what most would consider a healthy diet - lots of veggies and fruits, minimal processed foods, but a HUGE sugar hang up. I needed to end every meal and snack with something sweet - I even had a gum addiction that now makes so much sense (sugar fix - duh!) For me, this program was just as much about the palate/gut/health reset as it was for the weight loss and it also beyond exceeded my expectations there. I no longer crave a sweet after every meal, and - shocker - natural sugars in fruits taste a zillion times better! Over the past 30 days I have slept better, my skin is 100% clear, my bloat is g.o.n.e., I feel lighter, more lean, more clear headed...I could not sing the praises enough! And while I realize these results are achievable with other programs, having every week and meal laid out for me so neatly made it completely achievable and easy! No second guessing myself, little to no room for error, and with the community - no reason to not ask questions and get the support you needed. I have already recommended the program to a bunch of friends, have purchased the Bible Diet, plan to remain GF, DF and SF for the foreseeable future, and plan to do the Slim Down again should I ever need (hopefully not with the new tools I have in my arsenal!) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!”

"I absolutely loved this plan- and I'm still on it! I'm modifying a little bit now but overall I love how I feel when I eat this way and I love how it has taught me to think and plan my meals. Nancy was wonderfully available to us whenever we had questions and I was so impressed by that as I am sure she is super busy with all that she has going on. I have not only lost 5lbs but I feel that it has improved my sleep quality and my overall feeling of wellness. I enjoy all the foods, even things that I wasn't too psyched about in the beginning have grown on me! I am so thankful for this plan!"

"Nancy is extremely knowledgeable, personable and responsive. Loved the program and the end results!"

"My experience with this plan was definitely a positive one that I can tell has already changed my daily living habits and cravings. Towards the end I even thought I was doing terrible and falling away from being disciplined but after even ending the plan I found myself craving the recipes and wanting to feel again how I felt while using the plan. So I continue to be motivated to have good habits and love seeing Nancy on her Instagram and Facebook as motivation as she leads by example. I feel as though I finally don’t need to convince myself of results but genuinely felt them. Also as a young adult I honestly have felt really good about how much more this plan got to start cooking. Recipes are perfectly simple enough for me to feel confident in my new found abilities haha and still exciting enough to keep me interested and cooking them to this day! Thanks for all!"

"This is the first time I've ever committed in this way to a nutritional plan and I'm so thrilled with the results. This plan made it easy to stay committed and I felt progress already 4 days in. I'm now finding it easier to make good food choices all of the time. I'm super thrilled with all that I gained from this!"

"Nancy is inspiring, honest, and caring! She is super responsive, passionate, and makes the plan fun. She really is the backbone for the community and is a major myth buster! I absolutely love her and think that she makes such a difference in people's lives."

"I really enjoyed this plan. I've tried other things since being diagnosed with hypothyroidism and this did work. I felt good and it wasn't too hard to follow (esp after the first week). She was so motivating and helpful!"

"This plan was exactly what I needed. I always knew that nutrition was my missing link and this plan helped me make those connections with my health! I saw more results doing this for 30 days than I saw with hard core exercise for 6+ months. It changed the way I view food and really helped me kickstart my postpartum fitness/strength journey. So happy I decide to do this!"

"I loved following the plan. As a mom of 3 with my youngest being 9 weeks old it was so nice to have the shopping list and meals all laid out for me. I can't wait to purchase the Bible Diet and new Ab Rehab program."

"This plan was extremely educational and eye opening to the world of food. I personally was eating most of the items included in the plan but not the right proportions or times of day and getting on a regimented schedule was what I truly needed. This plan really helps you feel nourished and not starved. Also, having the Facebook group and Nancy to rely on and relate any questions to was extremely helpful and encouraging. Nancy was always there whenever I had a question related to the plan or my personal food problems - you could really tell how much our progress meant to her!"

"I still need to do my measurements (I've been traveling for the last two weeks and didn't have my tape measure with me,) but I really enjoyed the meal plan and shared it with all of my friends. I was amazed at the results, and the changes I saw in my body even after one week. I consider myself a pretty healthy eater, but having a plan to follow, portions to hold myself accountable to, and a group of people who motivated me to stay committed was an amazing experience I'm glad I participated in. Thanks Nancy for always being there when I had questions, and I look forward to continuing with the changes I was able to make during this first 30 days of 2017!"

"I lost a total of 3.5lbs and 3 inches during the slim down! I loved having every meal and portion size laid out for me-- it was a no brainer. After one week I was already feeling leaner and had no cravings for my usual sweets or "cheat meals". The perfect plan to reboot! :)"

"I lost 7 pounds and 4 1/2 inches. And I did it by eating 3 meals, and up to 2 snacks, per day! I liked the structure of having all the meals laid out for me, but with some flexibility, like swapping different kinds of veggies, lean proteins, snacks, etc. if needed. Nancy's plan is legit; you don't want to miss out!"

"I lost 7 pounds and my husband lost 6.5 pounds. I lost almost .75" from my waistline and .5" off of my hips and thighs. My husband lost 2.75" from his waistline, .5" in his hips, and .75" to his thighs. This has been an amazing journey from start to finish. The first week of detox was rough and you quickly learn how dependent your body becomes to certain foods. The biggest eye opener was my husband's prior intake of sugary confections. The sugar withdrawal was intense and he had "sugar hangovers" and headaches for the first week! I discovered that when traditional carbs e.g. bread, crackers, flour tortillas, white rice,, and pastas were removed from the diet, when bread was reintroduced to the diet plan, it did not sit well with my system. I am now sticking to other complex carbs instead. The effects food can have on your body is powerful once you experience this 30 day slim down plan. Nancy you are not only a fantastic trainer and nutrition expert but what sets you apart from the rest is your honest and unconditional care for your clients. You made individual tweaks to people's dietary and health needs. You were responsive to questions people in the group had. By pulling together a private FB group, you really created a sense of community where people were able to chat openly about what was or was not working. The group was supportive and caring. My husband and I are continuing on with your Bible Diet plan and implementing this to include our daughters as well."

"I lost 4.2 pounds and 1 1/2 inches. I loved having the meals and snacks planned out as well as the recipes. I enjoyed the interaction with the Facebook group. I hope to stay on track and continue to lose pounds and inches. Nancy is a very strong motivational person and very knowledgeable of what she is promoting."

I lost 16lbs! The best parts were the layout of the meals and what foods are better for you at what times of the day. I thought before it was only what you ate and the portion. I have learned that consumption time is also important too."

"Nancy Anderson is the real deal! Her plan was 100% manageable and doable and I was never hungry. Everything was perfectly laid out for you so all I had to do was shop, cook, eat. I'm the absolute worst at cooking and am the queen of takeout/postmates/eating chips at dinner and I followed this plan to a T for 30 days. It is a lifestyle plan and doesn't cut out major food groups (ie, you still get to eat red meat and grains and etc.) Nancy also truly cares about her clients and was always there to motivate you or answer any questions you had on the plan. I also loved that if wanted, you could substitute lean protein for lean protein, healthy fat for healthy fat, etc - ie) if you didn't like chicken, you could have another lean meat in its place. This plan is 100% worth it. It changed my life."

 "I lost 18 pounds, didn't keep track of the inches. I thought this program was great as it took out the thinking for you and the results were fast. The best part for me was in week two when i no longer had cravings."

 "I lost six pounds and an inch from my waist, hips, and thigh. The plan was super prescriptive which worked really well for me - no second guessing what I was supposed to do! Nancy was good about offering options to suit my individual tastes and really supportive of everyone. The Facebook group was super motivating too!"

"I lost 3 inches off my waist and my hips! On top of that, an inch off each thigh, killer! I can feel my work pants fitting looser and way more comfortable, especially since I sit all day. It was great to have each meal planned out, made prepping for the week so much easier. I feel great, look great, and when people at work ask if I lost weight makes me feel amazing! Thanks Nancy :)"

"Pictures are EVERYTHING! I knew not to worry to much about the scale, so I really didn’t check it until the end of the slimdown. I not only saw physical results, but mentally I felt more alert during the times I am usually dragging. I slept better and my normal stress levels were basically non existent! Nancy nailed it!"

"I loved the ability to have meals planned out for me while giving me the flexibility to "cherry pick" for when I was away from home or didn't like what was offered. I gained a handful of new recipes currently in my family's meal rotation which has helped us break up the monotony of having the same meals all the time. Even with her current busy life and a newborn!! Nancy was extremely active in the FB group and answered each and every question in a timely manner. I loved the support I gained from The members of the group too. I looked forward to Nancy's weekly posts about nutrition also. I wish there were more workout posts as I think this only happened once in the 30 days. I would definitely recommend this plan to my friends and family - which I have already done. I am loving the results I am seeing too. Thank you Nancy!"

"This was an extremely positive experience. Nancy was super involved and doing the slim down with us the whole time. She’s so relatable and dedicated to making all women, especially moms, live their best life. It was about weight loss, but so much more! It really was a guide to live a healthy quality of life for yourself and your family! These are the best results I have had postpartum while trying to lose this extra weight! I will be doing the February group too!! Thank you, Nancy!"

"Nancy was amazing to work with! She was so supportive to breastfeeding moms that were so concerned about milk supply issues. I can’t wait to do it again in another month or so!"

"Nancy - you’ve changed my outlook on dieting. I didn’t think i could lose the baby weight (plus some) while maintaining my milk supply for baby. Well i was wrong!!! I lost 8 lbs in less than a month AND i know for a fact my milk is healthier and that I’m fueling my body and my baby with the healthiest food possible. I feel healthier, happier and more in control than i ever have. I’m able to fight off illnesses better and i think so can baby! Thank you for giving me the tools to change my life."

"I am used to doing elimination diets, juice cleanses, smoothie cleanses, Whole 30, But now having two kids I needed something to tell me what to do. I loved how it helped me meal plan all my lunches for the week and give me no excuses to fall off the wagon no matter how busy the day. I love how it helped me plan my weeks better! I will keep this tool with me forever! Ps did this back in October and have been meal prepping lunches on Sunday ever since"

"I don’t know where to begin. I’ve always been a “healthy” eater and pretty fit but over the holidays I went out of whack and needed a reset. I was led to Nancy’s 30 day slim down after searching lots on google and it just struck me. Good price, good reviews. Little did I know my mind was going to be opened up. I’m very much aware what’s on my plate and the best part is, when I watched what I ate in the past, I def underrate w fear of not losing weight. But, on this plan, I’m probably eating more than I ever have- made sure to never skip a meal (just snacks) and I’ve lost significant weight (for me) in under 30 days! I had all the energy I needed for my workouts and I was never hungry. I’ve always wanted to be DF/GF but always made an excuse like, oh this is ok and it was nice to stick to it and know I still felt fully satisfied. Nancy was always there whenever you had a question and within hours there was a response! ...even being on the opposite coast. lol. Overall this has been amazing. I have told any and everyone about it and I’m psyched to move onto Bible Diet and expand the food groups and still have a healthy lifestyle."