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The Birth Recovery Center

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As part of our ongoing commitment to both raise the standard of care and lower the access barrier to experts for every stage of motherhood, we've consolidated our core product offerings to unlock tremendous value for new members!

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Product Comparison

Features Single Product Full Subscription

Course Materials (PDF, Videos, etc...)

Interact with Expert Coaches

Access to EVERY Coach & Course*

Private Community






120 Days

30 Days


$200 USD

$50 USD

Contracts or Commitments



*Every course and coach refers ALL courses offered on the Birth Recovery Center. We've listed them below for reference.

  • Labor & Delivery (Registered Nurses)
  • Lactation (International Board Certified Lactation Consultants - IBCLCs)
  • Sleep Training (Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultants)
  • Ab Rehab (Doctors of Physical Therapy)
  • Mental Health (Licensed Mental Health Specialists)

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