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Refund Policy

In an attempt for greater transparency, we have separated out areas of our full Terms & Conditions that are related specifically to refunds. Please read below and send us an email at Support@NancyAndersonFit.ZenDesk.com!


Refund Policy

Excerpts below are taken from our full Terms and Conditions policy. If you wish to this in its entirely please click here https://www.nancyandersonfit.com/terms-and-condiitions


The term of this Agreement will commence upon download of the Service and will continue for so long

as You have in Your possession or control any copies of the Service. Without prejudice to any other of its

rights, NA Fitness may unilaterally terminate or modify this Agreement at any time and for any reason or

for no reason, with no notice to You. For example, but not in limitation, NA Fitness may elect to terminate this Agreement and Your rights in

connection with the Service if NA Fitness, in either’s sole determination, discontinues the Service, stops

supporting or maintaining the Service, ceases to provide updates, no longer offers the Service for license,

or believes You have failed to comply with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

In the event of termination arising as a result of discontinuation of the Service by NA Fitness, no refunds

will be given for the licensing of the Service. In the event of termination arising from Your failure to

comply with the terms of the Agreement: (i) no refunds will be made; and (ii) You must promptly

destroy, uninstall, or delete all copies of the Service in Your possession. If modification of the Agreement

by NA Fitness materially affects Your rights in connection with the Service, which determination will be

made by NA Fitness in its sole discretion, NA Fitness may, but is under no obligation to, notify You by

sending an email message to Your last email address known to NA Fitness or through the Service. NA

Fitness will have no liability if You do not receive NA Fitness’s notification.

Termination of this Agreement by You can only occur after the deletion of all copies of the Service in

Your possession, and by deleting Your account (if any) by notifying customer support at


7.4. CANCELLATION. You can cancel Your membership at any time, and You will continue to have

access through the end of Your applicable monthly billing period. We do not provide refunds or

credit for any partial-month membership periods