Move Your Bump Pregnancy Workout Program



Did you know that 70-90% of pregnant women (having normal healthy pregnancies) do not meet minimum requirements for pregnancy fitness forgoing countless benefits for Mom and baby? Luckily for you and your bundle of joy, that is not going to be you!

This full pregnancy workout program is designed to help you maintain a healthy, toned physique throughout your pregnancy. The workout formats are strategically designed to train you and baby for a healthy pregnancy and labor, while keeping your posterior chain strong (Nancy calls these Mommy muscles because of the importance they play in keeping you strong and comfortable during pregnancy and bouncing back post pregnancy) and engaged as well as safely and effectively training your abs & core unit during this 40 week journey without increasing your risk of ab separation or diastasis recti. 

This strategic program design will not only bring countless benefits for your baby but also will help you bounce back quickly post pregnancy. 

This program includes 30 pre-natal workouts, 4 warm ups and daily ab moves that are safe for all trimesters and includes exercise and intensity modifications for all fitness levels.  Are you a power walker? Got you covered. Runner? Got you covered too! Nancy designed this program to be able to accommodate all expecting Mama's from beginner to advanced. 

This program will include strength, conditioning, cardio, toning, plus abs and core focused workouts. You can use this program as your exclusive fitness regimen throughout your pregnancy or you can also use this program to pair with your other favorite activities or group fitness classes that you enjoy.  

Do it for baby! Here are a few of the (countless!) benefits research has shown us: 

1. Children of exercising pregnant Moms are leaner with lower body fat— this continues well into childhood, even adulthood.

2. Babies whose mothers exercise have a lower heart rate, a sign of good heart health. Not only do the babies have a lower, more efficient heart rate and pump more blood with each beat while in utero, they continue to have lower heartbeats all the way up until at least age six and likely into adulthood.

3. Moms who exercise during pregnancy tend to have babies with a healthier weight and are less likely to develop childhood obesity or obesity later on in life.

4. Research shows that moms who exercise during pregnancy have babies with more active brains and improved brain development.

5. Babies whose mothers exercise during pregnancy tend to be less stressed during labor and delivery, resulting in higher Apgar scores and less interventions.

6. Exercise helps control blood sugar and lowers the risk of developing gestational diabetes, resulting in a lowered chance for baby to develop diabetes later in life.

7. Exercise reduces stress to mother, and chronic stress has been shown in multiple studies to be harmful to baby’s development and increases risk of pre-term labor.

8. Children of exercising Moms have been shown to have a significant statistical increase in overall health, behavior, academic and sports performance.

 This program is designed for healthy women who are having normal pregnancies.  As always, it is a must to be cleared for exercise by your doctor. 

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