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Taking steps to heal your core from the inside out is a great place to start!
My Ab Rehab program has helped over 100,000 moms restore their core & get their confidence back.
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The Ab Rehab is Trusted by OBGYN's, Doctors of Physical Therapy, and Pelvic Floor Therapists from all over the world!

If you want to prioritize your feminine health but don’t know where to start, Ab Rehab is for you.
If you want to strengthen, tone, and say BYE to the low belly pooch, Ab Rehab is for you.
If you want to improve your postpartum symptoms with the help of licensed professionals, Ab Rehab is for you.
If you want to improve your posture, breathing, and confidence, Ab Rehab is for you.
If you want to feel supported and understood by women who just get it, Ab Rehab is for you.
Licensed Expert Coaches
Minimal Equipment to Begin
LIVE Group Coaching
Easy To Follow Workouts

But don’t just take our word for it…

Here are some of the amazing results moms are experiencing in the membership
Nancy Anderson, Founder and Mom of 3

How can you work with our Coaches? Great Question!


Live Events

Attend weekly live Q&As to hear from experts on all the latest troubleshooting topics and FAQs. Live events occur inside your app for easy access so you can learn more about optimizing your results, connecting with your community, and getting your questions answered live!

Live Workouts

Join in on various live workouts throughout each week with your coaches to receive real time feedback, coaching and support. Stay motivated with fresh workouts programmed and coached by our experts to keep you on track towards your goals and optimal results.

Connect in our Community

In The Village, our in-app community, and through Live Q&As, we have created a safe space for you to connect with our expert Ab Rehab Coaches. Have questions about your Ab Rehab journey or need advice on your progress? Look no further! Our knowledgeable coaches are there to offer personalized feedback, coaching, and support every step of the way!

Ab Rehab was created with care to specifically support women who are experiencing common postpartum roadblocks like:

Diastasis Recti:
Separation of the muscles along the midline of the abdomen and weakness of the linea alba.
Mom Pooch:
A result of diastasis recti or result of core dysfunction of the lower TA's.
Improving Ab Definition and Strength:
Whether you're 6 weeks post pregnancy or 16 years, your core can't heal without proper training and activation. No matter your time post partum, it's never too late to heal, improve and fix core dysfunction and weakness.
Leaking isn't cool. And although it's common, it's certainly not normal. We work to fix this, while also taking a look at the root cause (hint: it's not always just your pelvic floor causing the issue).
Back Pain:
This can be caused by many things: weakness, diastasis or even C-sections. Yes really! We cover all of that, and more, in this program. Ridding back pain and educating you on where this may be stemming from.
C-Section Scar (for our C-Section Moms):
Appearance improvement (C-section apron) plus complete C-section recovery and healing protocols including birth trauma, lymph drainage, tissue work (skin, muscle and organ layer) and strategic breath protocols to re-connect with lower TA's which are disconnected from the trauma of the surgery.
How you feel about your appearance, strength, and function touches every other part of your life- so the team is committed to making sure our clients have all the tools they need to radiate inside and out. You deserve to feel like home in your body.

Membership Access

Fitness Roadmap

No more guesswork! We’ve laid out what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. All you need to do is open your app and push play.

Easy to Follow

You’ll have access to follow-along daily videos that range from 20-40 minutes. We know how busy you are, so these can be broken up and completed throughout the day!

Access to Licensed Experts

Your membership grants you access to our complete Ab Rehab 4-Phase system and support and coaching from our core specialists, Doctors of Physical Therapy & Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists.

Community Access

You’ll join a community of women just like you who are taking the leap to prioritize their self care and healing.

But let’s get back to that private coaching….

Our coaches guide you through your healing journey with a comprehensive, full-body, and totally customized approach.

Oh, and you have unlimited 24/7 access to our coaches (your cheerleaders and certified experts!), who are eager to support you with any roadblocks you’re facing or questions you might have.

Watch the video to learn more.

Work privately & directly with our resident coaches including Physical Therapists, Pelvic Floor Therapists & Post Natal Core Experts to customize a rehab program specifically for YOUR unique needs & goals!

Unlike other post natal programs out there, our approach includes reprogramming breathing patterns, motor skills, improving posture and alignment, while teaching proper activation with on demand videos and live coaching interaction with our team of certified experts!

Over $1000 in value all for just $50/mo

When you register today!
We wanted to make sure access to experts and these protocols is feasible & affordable for EVERYONE which is why we've priced it so incredibly low.
Daily on-demand, follow along videos to learn how to properly activate your core & pelvic floor. [$100 VALUE]
Full access to our entire library of supplemental workouts and assessments. Your results will thank us later. [$150 VALUE]
A no-stress, proven 4-phase roadmap to achieve your goals. We did all the hard stuff. All you need to do is press play to unlock your strongest abdominals, heal diastasis recti, optimize posture, strength & pelvic floor health! [$199 VALUE]
Diastasis Recti, Posture, Pelvic Floor, and Rib Flare Assessments: Our team of expert coaches have designed assessments to pinpoint exactly where you are in your health journey. Proper assessment is crucial to maximizing your results. [$250 VALUE]
Unlimited, 24/7 access to our coaches who include: Doctors of Physical Therapy, Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists & our Certified Core & Pelvic Floor Experts because our clients deserve DIRECT coaching, support, and individualized feedback. [$250+ VALUE]
PT Protocols: On demand video access to guided tissue work and lymphatic drainage massage techniques taught by our certified resident Physical Therapist. [$299 VALUE]
Full C-Section Recovery Plan for those who experienced a cesarian or those who've had major abdominal surgery. [$69 VALUE]
 Access to our private Community and challenges. We’re supporting you even MORE with additional coaching and motivation inside the app. [$49 VALUE]

Still have questions? We have Answers.

We get A LOT of questions about this program, every day. Here are the answers to some of the most common ones to help you decide if this program is right for you!
I need support in the "XYZ" area, is it extra to access multiple courses & coaches?

There are no extra fees to access any expert or course once you are a subscriber to BREC App! You have access to the experts you need for ONE PRICE! Access the support you need as you need them! That means Ab rehab, pediatric sleep consultants, mental health experts, and IBCLC's are available to help you at the tip of your fingers!

It's been 'xyz' months/years since my last delivery, is it too late for me to do the ab rehab?

Once postpartum, always postpartum. It's never too late to heal! The plan is for everyone at any point in their postpartum journey. The plan is a comprehensive program that will help to strengthen your core, strengthen your pelvic floor, heal diastasis, and restore core function. Our clients see and feel results whether they are 2 weeks postpartum or even 20 + years postpartum.

What equipment is needed for the ab rehab?

✓Foam Roller - 36" is best Small
✓Exercise Ball (about 9", can also be a kid's toy ball)
✓Hip Circle (12.5" circular resistance band)
✓Long Resistance Band with handles (15-20lbs)

How soon can I start postpartum?

The ACOG (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) guidelines state that a woman who had a vaginal delivery and healthy pregnancy can start exercising when she feels ready after delivery. Some Moms begin as early as 2 to 6 weeks post-delivery. If you have had a c-section, you can also begin Ab Rehab when your body feels ready. We do recommend waiting 8 weeks postpartum to add in tissue work so your incision has ample time to heal. If you are unsure, please consult your doctor.

What do the 4 Phases of Ab Rehab include?

In this phase, we dive into your core and pelvic floor connection. We’ll re-educate your breathing recruitment patterns, alignment, posture, deep core connection and so much more. This phase is all about strengthening your core and establishing a mind to muscle connection.

Phase 2: DIVE IN
Here we begin to create progressive overload by increasing your speed, intensity, and load to continue to challenge your system. Through progressive programming we can build on your Phase 1 foundation to improve your strength and connection.

Phase 3 builds on the previous phases’ progress overload programming to challenge the body further. Each core circuit, posture and strength workout build off your previous work, making this phase even more dynamic.

As we enter our last phase, we begin to incorporate front loading of the core, forward flexion and plyometric movements. Here you’ll find advanced core movements like planks and crunches, and jumping. We’re continuing to teach the body to manage pressure and load progressively so we can achieve optimal function in the most advanced movements.

What our Community is Saying

Loved by tens of thousands of women. Don't take it from us, take it from our community!
I’m so glad that I purchased this program. The videos are easy to follow along and the platform is user friendly. I cannot believe how in such a short amount of time my body has changed. I have control I didn’t think I would have back. I can sneeze without crossing my legs! I cannot remember the last time I did that. My sex like is is much better. No more painful sex and also my posture is getting so much better.  I am starting to feel confident again and I thank Nancy for creating this amazing program. Thank you so much to Nancy and all the coaches! Can’t wait to keep going!
Kelly M.
Girl Mom
I have seen and felt a big difference in my posture and core in just these last 4 weeks of doing the 12 week AB rehab. My core feels so much stronger, my PF is engaging properly during breaths and exercise, and my tension migraines have decreased! I love that I actually got feedback from the coaches on how to improve my posture and core strength. It’s not just a cookie cutter program, this program is unique . I’m very happy with the program. Thank you Nancy and the team for all of your help!
Hannah B.
I’m so happy I purchased this program on a whim. I had purchase another prenatal/postnatal program and this one by far surpasses the other. I love how everything is laid out for you day by day. There’s no guess work on what needs to be completed. As a busy mom, I really appreciate how thorough and simple it is to follow this plan and stay on track. The detail, information and coaches are so great. I've noticed such a change in my body, not just with my clothes fitting again, but also finally feeling like myself again - internally and externally!
Amber F.
Postpartum Heaven
My "baby" is 13 years old. I've tried two other programs for healing my diastasis, and this one has been able to help me heal completely in 12 Weeks! With all of the coaching helps, it's truly a personalized rehab program and I'm so thankful for finding! Nancy and her team. This is a great program with a team of like-minded women who really care about women's health and it shows!
Emily S.
Mom x 3
I've always struggled with routine in general, especially when it comes to physical activity. Having my baby around helped with my daily routine but I still couldn't get on board with being active. I love the way this program is laid out. For the first time in my life, I've actually stuck to it and kept up with the workouts every day. I thought I could notice a difference in myself in the mirror, but it really hit me when I saw my before and after photos side by side week 4. Such an amazing feeling to see your hard work pay off!
Lana W.
My results, 4 weeks in are amazing! I’m more in sync with my breathing and body. I don’t have to fully brace before sneezing or jumping jacks. It has been a huge eye opener to know you don’t have to go through life with a “broken body” from carrying a baby! This program has helped with more than core strength. It has made my posture better. And has improved my awareness of utilizing my core properly in every day activities. I’ve seen huge improvements with my side abs, more definition and an overall reacting core!
April G
Trying to Conceive