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Ab Rehab Membership
Ab Rehab Membership
Ab Rehab Membership
Ab Rehab Membership
Ab Rehab Membership
Ab Rehab Membership
Ab Rehab Membership
Ab Rehab Membership Ab Rehab Membership Ab Rehab Membership Ab Rehab Membership Ab Rehab Membership Ab Rehab Membership

Ab Rehab Membership


  • The course and coaching trusted by more than 75,000 women is now being offered at an unbeatable monthly price!


    Physical Therapy and Pelvic Floor & Post Natal Specialists charge between $150-$300 per session. We believe all women should have affordable access to these same experts. 

    Ab Rehab members will have full access to the course with private custom coaching with our resident core experts and physical therapists for $50 PER MONTH (cancel anytime).

    No contracts! No commitments. Real experts and real results!

    ADDED BONUS: Members ALSO have access to every other expert and course inside our platform at our sister company, Birth Recovery Center (mental health support, sleep training, lactation support, and labor/birth prep master classes) during this time. 

    Keep reading to learn more!

    Flatten Your Core & Heal Your Pelvic Floor, Once & For All!

    Please watch this video about the 12 Week Post Pregnancy Ab Rehab! 


    The 12 Week Post Pregnancy Ab Rehab is a full body, comprehensive approach to healing your core. Unlike other programs our there, our full body comprehensive approach includes reprogramming breathing patterns, improving posture, improving alignment, and teaches proper activation. We address mechanical restrictions like rib flare, pelvic floor dysfunction, hypertonic pelvic floor, hypotonic pelvic floor, prolapse, and correcting motor skills.


    • Heal diastasis recti
    • Heal pelvic floor dysfunction (hypotonic & hypertonic)
    • C-section Recovery Protocols
    • Fix core dysfunction
    • Fix & improve posture issues
    • Rebuild strength and function
    • Improve abdominal definition
    • Flatten your tummy and get rid of the “mommy pooch"
    • Fix incontinence
    • Stop back pain
    • Improve Confidence

    postpartum ab rehab


    • Learn how to properly activate your core.
    • Full C-Section Recovery Plan (included for FREE!)
    • Access to on-demand, follow along videos
    • Diastasis, Posture, Pelvic Floor, and Rib Flare Assessments
    • Supplemental & Core Troubleshooting Workouts
    • Phase by phase abdominal warmup, ab rehab moves, ab circuits, and strength workouts
    • Access to the private Facebook Group for Community support
    • Access to our Physical Therapists and Core Experts for coaching support.   
    • Access to an exercise library


      • Submission of Assessment (Pelvic Floor, Breathing, Rib Flare, Posture) for review from our Physical Therapist and Core Experts.
      • Assessment and customization of the plan from our expert coaches for your specific core needs.
      • Access to our Physical Therapists and Core Experts anytime for coaching, support, repeat form checks, and any help you need throughout the program. 



      • The 12 Week Ab Rehab is accessed entirely online, and requires web access.
      • Coaching is accessed directly inside your course (via video, text, or audio messages) and does not require Facebook access.. You MUST have access to a Facebook account to access the community and challenges which are only available in our Private Facebook Group. 
      • This program is non-refundable, due to the nature of it being a digital product with significant value and the inability to actually 'return' a physical product.  All prices are in USD$.
      • The 12 Week Ab Rehab is only offered in English and does not have captions/subtitles.



      What equipment is required for the course? The following equipment is necessary for the course; Small Exercise ball (can be a kids ball) Resistance Band - light to medium, Hip Circle or Circular Resistance Band,  Foam Roller and a Bench or an object in your home that serves as a bench (ex chair). The following equipment is optional for the course; Light-Medium Weights, TRX Band/Row.  

      When can I start the ab rehab postpartum? You can start  whenever you feel ready after delivery. The ACOG has updated its guidelines and now recommends that if you had a normal vaginal delivery and healthy pregnancy then a woman can start exercise after delivery when she is ready. If you have had a C-Section or other complications, check with your doctor.  

      Can I do this plan if I'm pregnant?  You can! Actually, I recommend it. You will only work up through Phase 3 (omitting phase 4), and will be taking Full Breaths (no half breaths) during the AB Rehab Moves. I would, however, HIGHLY suggest implementing the breathing exercises daily throughout your entire pregnancy.   Those are the bread and butter of the program and will help the most for conditioning your body for labor, delivery, and recovery. If you have any concerns, feel free to speak with your doctor. 

      I have a hypertonic/tight pelvic floor, can I still do the program? Yes, most definitely! You will be working on the control aspect of your pelvic floor during the program.  We have additional resources for you to help you connect to your pelvic floor and learn how to relax your pelvic floor, while still reaping all the benefits of the program.

      Can I do the plan if I have a hernia? Yes, it is safe to do the program and in fact really beneficial to be able to strengthen everything around the hernia as well as make sure your core is strong and functioning optimally to help ensure the hernia does not worsen over time.


      “The rehab moves lifted my stomach and closed my gap. The lymphatic massage got rid of a lot of the bloating and fluid I didn't even realize I hadn't been draining. I wish I had done the 30 day slim down, but I wasn't sure this would make a difference and didn't want to pay more lol I wish I had. “ 

      "I’ve tried so many programs and in just 3 weeks my Ab separation went from 4.5 fingers apart to 2.5 in four weeks! I’m a stay at home mom of four girls two are twin 11 month olds this program is perfect and attainable even with a crazy hectic house."

      "After 2 c sections, I had a 4 finger ab separation all down my abdomen. This program taught me how to wake up those muscles I lost access to, how to really focus on building strength and most importantly the simple task of correct breathing and posture. I have closed the gap to 2 fingers in a month, but most of all I feel like the core of me is strong again - physically and mentally."

      "I think every new mom should be handed a copy of this as they leave the hospital. I am 2.5 years PP and although I didn’t have a large gap, I had been suffering from symptoms associated with my weak core unit/ pelvic floor (low back/ hip flexor pain & peeing myself with jumping, high intensity movements, sneezing, etc.) I was shocked that all of those started resolving within the first few weeks of the program!"

      "This program helped me so much in relation to healing my core and pelvic floor strength. After having my second baby, my pelvic floor was ruined. I had severe incontinence issues and could barely lift my toddler. This program has helped me feel more like myself and has given me confidence that I haven't had since before having my second baby."

      "This was such a great program! I started at 3 weeks post partum. I lost a total of 3.5” off my waist and hips, lost the last 3-4 lbs I needed to get to my pre pregnancy weight, and most importantly, strengthened my core! I feel my separation is already improving. I feel ready to start back to my normal workout routines and can safely start slowly implementing other core work using the foundation I learned in this program." 


      **Be sure to choose 'Subscribe to Newsletter' at checkout and add support@nancyandersonfit.zendesk.com to your email list (or as a contact) so you don't miss any important emails. 

      For any questions regarding our plans or you purchase please email us at support@nancyandersonfit.zendesk.com